A road commonly travelled


Over the sea and far away

When the Web was young I wrote two short chronicles grandiosely named ‘travelogues’. The first I wrote in 2005 to cover the four months I spent in the United States, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. The second dates from 2007 and covers four weeks spent travelling south through Argentina. Both trips, made when I was in my 20s, were attempts to revitalise myself, and to a large extent they were successful. They were also far too brief.

  1. A signpost showing the direction and distance of world cities Travelogue

    And so to bed

    Back home, being kept company by a certain Mr. Jet Lag, I write a mini-review of my time in Argentina

  2. Tempus fugit

    On the art of idling

    Of the great arts one learns during one’s student years — idling, Jedi, drinking — idling is the most useful. I put it to good use in Río Gallegos

  3. A street in Ushuaia Entertainment

    Sheikh, rattle, and roll

    Friday night in Ushuaia, Argentina. Five travellers go in search of the nightlife in Ushuaia, and end up somewhere … shady

  4. Travelogue

    Tierra del Fuego

    As a child I imagined Tierra del Fuego to be filled with volcanoes. It’s not. Here’s a brief glance at that most southerly part of Patagonia

  5. Hunting

    Paw prints

    Nadia and I dice with death in the hills behind the town of El Calafate. Some might say I was being melodramatic

  6. An Englishman abroad

    A nice cup of tea and a sit down

    An Englishman is lost without a cup of tea. Time to find a cuppa in Welsh Patagonia

  7. Local traditions

    Not drinking in El Bolsón

    In a bar in El Bolsón, Río Negro province, we try a local tradition: definitely not drinking the night before the election

  8. Hotel Llao Llao, nestled in the Argentinean Lake District Just south of Switzerland

    An oasis in Patagonia

    Four days of walking in San Carlos de Bariloche, in the Argentinean Lake District, finds me winning pool and feeling relaxed

  9. Last stop

    This is gaucho country

    Stopping off at a gaucho’s house, Nadia and I come across something unexpected. City-living this is not

  10. Life as a tour guide

    Payunia, the land of volcanoes

    We make our way through Parque Provincial Payunia, a land of volcanoes. Santiago, our guide, tells us stories of his time there

  11. The best of times, the waste of times

    When plans change

    The highs and the lows of travelling. I like to think taking the rough with the smooth is part of the fun

  12. A lake in Cañon del Atuel, Mendoza province, Argentina Love and geology

    Cañon del Atuel

    A trip into Cañon del Atuel in Argentina finds us watching an Argentinian gentleman working his magic on the ladies. Oh, and we manage some climbing too

  13. A shelf of wine is surmounted by the stuffed heads of various animals Taxidermy

    A condor in Mendoza

    Nadia and I meet up in Mendoza, and explore the town. We find a condor but miss out on the albino toads

  14. A bright orange sky, with the sun hiding behind a cloud Open space

    Through the grasslands

    Overnight, I took a bus from Buenos Aires to Mendoza. Through the window I saw my first great Argentinian sunset

  15. Avenida 9 de Julio, Buenos Aires The journey and the destination

    In Buenos Aires

    A long, long flight finally sees me arrive in Argentina, two years after I left. And I have four hours to waste

  16. A beautiful Patagonian landscape: grasslands in the foreground; mountains in the background Back again

    In Patagonia

    For five weeks I’ll be missing from Edinburgh. Instead, you’ll find me in Argentina, heading south with a skip in my step

  17. Travelogue

    So to bed

  18. Travelogue

    Day 101

  19. Travelogue

    Homeward bound

  20. Travelogue

    Sudamérica, te quiero

  21. Travelogue

    Vignettes from a happy man in South America

  22. Travelogue

    Just a quickie

  23. Travelogue

    Bienvenidos a Argentina

  24. Travelogue

    After Easter Island

  25. Travelogue

    Tú puedes tener su torta y la come

  26. Travelogue

    Adiós a Perú

  27. Travelogue

    Machu Picchu

  28. Travelogue

    Then three go up into the Andes

  29. Travelogue

    Colca Valley

  30. Travelogue

    Saludos desde Arequipa

  31. Travelogue

    You say potatoes, I say shoes

  32. Travelogue

    Goodbye America

  33. Travelogue

    The City Museum in St Louis

  34. Travelogue

    Storms over Illinois

  35. Travelogue

    Spring-time brings the Final Four

  36. Travelogue

    Rebellion to the sound of the Delta Blues

  37. Travelogue

    Washington, DC part two

  38. Travelogue

    Washington, DC part one

  39. Travelogue

    New photos added

  40. Travelogue

    The road trip in summary

  41. Travelogue

    A quick note from New York City

  42. Travelogue

    The Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh

  43. Travelogue

    From Chicago to Pittsburgh

  44. Travelogue

    A Saturday in Illinois

  45. Travelogue

    Home, thy name is New Jefferson Arms

  46. Travelogue


  47. Travelogue

    Bull riders come to town

  48. Travelogue

    The sun shines on St Louis

  49. Travelogue

    Home 0, Visitors 6

  50. Travelogue

    Day 9,318: Matt visits the zoo

  51. Travelogue

    That was the week that was

  52. Travelogue

    On selfish contentment

  53. Travelogue

    Soccer, The Blowholes, geekery, and breweries

  54. Travelogue

    Thoughts for a St. Valentine’s Day

  55. Travelogue

    A spoon full of sugar and some guns

  56. Travelogue

    Super Bowl Sunday

  57. Travelogue

    The day when England lost to Wales

  58. Travelogue

    Man, meet beast

  59. Travelogue

    Meet me in St Louis

  60. Travelogue

    Tragado como media de cartero

  61. Travelogue

    Time for a change