And so to bed

Argentina 2007

Back home, being kept company by a certain Mr. Jet Lag, I write a mini-review of my time in Argentina

A signpost showing the direction and distance of world cities

London: 11,161 kilometres. I was a long way from home; but now I’m back

Ah, how pleasant it is not to be sharing a room with five other men. How pleasant to be in a room that doesn’t stink of dirty clothes. I’m back home and I have a nice, fluffy, double bed to sleep in.

I say sleep, but of course I’m not actually sleeping. That old friend of the traveller, jet lag, has ensured that I was still awake at five this morning. I was just tapping my fingers waiting to feel drowsy. Lovely, lovely jet jag.

I don’t think my sister got a particularly friendly welcome when she woke me up at half-past ten.

But otherwise I’m appreciating a comfortable European lifestyle. I found a little time for early nostalgia as I started to — finally — put my photos up on Flickr; take a peak at them to see all the things I didn’t mention here. To those readers up in Edinburgh, I’ll see you in the next few days — you can look forward to the slideshows.

In review

I really enjoyed the whole trip. (Thanks for letting me travel with you, Nadia!) My mum asked me what the highlight was. Time might lead me to something in particular, but at the moment I remember it all as outstanding. So, in lieu of a highlight, I’ll finish with a few of my favourite entries here:

And so to bed.