After Easter Island

South America 2005

Hello avid readers. Internet turned out to be the expensive luxury we expected it to be on Easter Island so we went quiet for a few days. After spending five of the most relaxed, contented days of my lives on the tiny island we are now back in Santiago. There is too much to say about Easter Island in the little time I have so I’ll have to sum it up.

Just incredible. The people (all 3,300 of them) are soooo friendly, the island is soooo pretty, and the atmosphere is just the best. Walking around the three volcanic craters felt so exhilarating knowing you were the only people within miles. The moai were beautifully carved, and being dotted all over the island, always an unexpected surprise. Whether they were upright and in good condition or fallen and decaying they were continually fascinating.

If you ever get the chance to go to the island, just do it. I’ve never felt so alive and so happy.

And now we are back on the road. In a few hours we catch a bus to Mendoza in Argentina, to arrive tomorrow morning. Then onward to Buenos Aires for a few days. After that we have a few plans, but nothing concrete yet. When we get to Argentina we should have some time to write about Easter Island properly and start replying to all those emails you’ve sent. Hasta mañana.