Saludos desde Arequipa

South America 2005

After spending a couple of days in Lima checking out el Centro and some pre-Inca ruins with some fellow travellers (and of course blotting it out with a few drinkies) we’ve moved on south. We stopped of in a small town called Pisco (of Pisco sours fame) to take some Afro-Peruvian dance lessons in Chincha. Well, those who know me will guess that I didn’t dance, but I did have a go on the drums while Suzie and Autumn (a great girl we’re travelling with right now) shook and thrusted until they nearly died of exhaustion. After a twelve hour overnight bus journey we’re now in the southern city of Arequipa. It’s just begging to be explored, so that’s what we’ll be up to momentarily.

My bag turned up in great condition a day and a half after I did, so I now have all my belongings with me. After three days in the same clothes this could only be a good thing.

This time belated, but here are some birthday wishes for Suzie, Ed, my uncle Tony, and my nan. Busy start to the month for birthdays, eh?