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  1. Maps

    What if it were our city?

    What impact would the Fat Man atomic bomb, dropped on Nagasaki in 1945, have on modern-day Reykjavík?

  2. Looking up the stairs of an underground escalator leading up to the surface Suburban freedom

    Access denied: using the Glasgow Subway by wheelchair

    The subway can be the quickest way to get around a city. Unless you’re in a wheelchair

  3. Maps

    Shaded relief map of Iceland

    What would Iceland look like if we could only see the shadows of its mountains?

  4. Cartography

    From village to city: the evolution of Reykjavík

    Using open data to track 140 years of growth in Iceland’s capital city

  5. Maps

    The Counted in southern California

    People killed by police and other law enforcement agencies in and around Los Angeles

  6. Cartography

    Who came second in the British general election?

    Britain’s voters are more diverse than the election results suggest

  7. Maps

    London: violent crime in 2012

    Violent crime recorded in Britain’s capital city throughout the year

  8. Cartography

    How I made the map of the buildings of Reykjavík

    Every dataset is messy, and each is messy in its own way

  9. Maps

    The Age of Greater Reykjavík

    The age of buildings in Iceland’s capital city, dating back to the 18th century

  10. Explainer

    What is famine?

    How food shortages have come to be seen as a tragedy of the individual

  11. Maps

    How did MPs vote on the gay marriage bill?

    In February 2013, the House of Commons voted on same-sex marriage. Did the vote follow party lines?

  12. Maps

    Map of child poverty in England, Scotland, and Wales

    District-level data from the Campaign to End Child Poverty

  13. Maps

    Edinburgh’s most photogenic locations

    Where in Scotland’s capital are you most likely to take a photograph?

  14. Maps

    Wind farms across Scotland

    The locations and capacity of the blustery North Atlantic nation’s wind farms

  15. Higher education

    The world’s top 100 universities, visualised

    See how the world’s best institutions compare