The 5 pages that I, in my great wisdom, have decided have something to do with ‘data’. Whatever that is

  1. Data for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro


    Making stats on the athletes and events available in a structured format

  2. Analysis of health and economic consequences of storm events in the United States


    A report produced as an assignment for the Reproducible Research course run by Johns Hopkins University on Coursera

  3. Glasgow’s upcoming bike-sharing scheme


    A bike-sharing scheme similar to that found in London, Paris, and other European cities is coming to Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow

  4. How many pineapples will I find in Costa Rica?


    DataMarket International launches with 100 timeseries and 600 million facts

  5. How much do we pay our MPs?


    Britain’s MPs were first paid a salary in 1911. How has it changed since?