North Atlantic Radio episode 8

North Atlantic Radio

Brian and Matt talk about Flickr, Royal Mail, Mozilla, and Twitter

Heroes and villains

Matt thinks Flickr are being particularly heroic this time around for their work integrating OpenStreetMap with geo-located photos. But Royal Mail are bad bad boys for their insistence on keeping UK post codes for themselves.

And Brian? He loves Mozilla for standing up to Microsoft and their buggy Firefox plugin. He’s not so impressed with Twitter though, for introducing the cop out that is lists.

For background, see Matt’s ideas on legal deposit and the web. We discuss why web sites aren’t covered by national legal deposit laws, why as a culture we seem so comfortable with losing so much of our contemporary written culture, how this would have affected the US Declaration of Independence, and what we can do solve this.

Site of the episode

If only because it’s beautiful to look at, out site of the episode is Midtone Design.

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