North Atlantic Radio episode 7

North Atlantic Radio

Will we soon see browsers reach into three dimensions?

Join us for episode seven: native 3D graphics in your web browser, web hooks and APIs for SMS messaging, our heroes and villains, site of the episode, and the books we’re reading.


Native 3D graphics are coming to your web browser: the development versions of Webkit and Firefox now include support for WebGL, a Javascript binding for the OpenGL graphics library. It’s early days but very exciting, and we talk about what you might be doing in you browser in a few years time.


Taykt is a service that allows you to send SMS messages programmatically. There’s an API and you can use web hooks to interact with your users over SMS. We talk about potential uses for the service and how in the future you might use it to make money.

Heroes and villains

Matt says Google Chrome Frame is heroic but Google Sidewiki is villainous. Meanwhile Brian is too pessimistic to come up with a hero but calls Apple as his villain. Listen to find out why.

Site of the episode

Next time you’re making up some slides for a presentation, pause before you use Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google Docs and try 280 Slides instead.

Books we’re reading

Those TED talks Brian mentioned