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  1. Sport

    Data for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

    Making stats on the athletes and events available in a structured format

  2. Data analysis

    Analysis of health and economic consequences of storm events in the United States

    A report produced as an assignment for the Reproducible Research course run by Johns Hopkins University on Coursera

  3. Bikes parked on a street as part of a public bike sharing scheme Cycling

    Glasgow’s upcoming bike-sharing scheme

    A bike-sharing scheme similar to that found in London, Paris, and other European cities is coming to Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow

  4. Data

    How many pineapples will I find in Costa Rica?

    DataMarket International launches with 100 timeseries and 600 million facts

  5. Politics

    How much do we pay our MPs?

    Britain’s MPs were first paid a salary in 1911. How has it changed since?