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  1. Politics

    How Antonin Scalia compared with other Supreme Court justices

    Charting the swing vote in the US Supreme Court, and finding a flaw in the New York Times while we’re at it

  2. Maps

    The Age of Greater Reykjavík

    The age of buildings in Iceland’s capital city, dating back to the 18th century

  3. Technology

    The future of control

    A revolution in publishing means companies will have to learn to relinquish control

  4. Technology

    There are some things the internet can’t do

    A eulogy to the printed word

  5. Hope

    Leith Walk botanical cottage, demolished and risen again

    The campaign to bring a small eighteenth-century building in Edinburgh back to its former glory

  6. Technology

    If we’re not careful we’ll lose the web

    The ephemeral nature of the contempory Web means our time will be seen as a second dark age

  7. History

    The unintended consequences of Isaac Newton’s pursuit of counterfeiters

    How the Wikipedia article on an obscure architectural style came to be

  8. Fame

    The film festival and me

    The camera shutter snapped open. The flash fired. Darkness. And that was that: we had taken the photograph that would become the front cover of the programme for the Edinburgh International Film Festival