At a party, you can live or die on your introduction. It needs to be good — it needs to be great. Last Saturday I got the greatest introduction of my life. Almost

No doubt you’ve been in the same situation many times. You’re at a party and you join a group in conversation. Someone who knows you introduces you to those that don’t.

How the group perceives you can live or die on that introduction. It needs to be good. And last Saturday, bloody hell, did I get the greatest introduction of my life.


This is Matt, he said to the group. He’s only been working with us a short while, but in that time he’s managed to travel round Argentina and run a marathon in Iceland.

Wow, I thought, I sound like Sir Ranulph Fiennes or something. I’ll probably never receive a better introduction than that. The group looked impressed. Hell, I was impressed.

As the ground disappeared. How the world looks as you slowly fall over

If only, if only, I hadn’t ruined it by tripping over.

That’s how I came to join the conversation: I fell. There was a small step in the middle of the floor. I didn’t see it. I put my foot out, and found the ground wasn’t where it should have been. I tripped, and fell into the conversation.

So I was the man who’d travelled to South America, run a marathon, and just tripped over. And the group only had proof of the last of those. The greatest introduction in my life, ruined. Bloody typical.