Barack Obama


Just in case anyone was waiting for me to throw my weight behind a presidential candidate

Cropped photograph of two posters of Barack Obama

Courtesy Tony Konecny

One moment. It felt overwhelming. My eyes flitted across an image. I caught my breath. It rushed upon me: anticipation, excitement. I felt an ache in my stomach — a need, a want.

The image was of Barack Obama. A photo, on the cover of a book. But that was all that was needed for me to feel so suddenly inspired, so enlivened. All other thoughts forgotten, I desperately wanted to see him president. I felt if he weren’t I would burst and drift away on the breeze.

Barack Obama excites me like no other politician. Just the thought of what he might do in office makes me long to see him there. He would bring intellect, thoughtfulness, idealism, and fairness to the presidency — everything that is so sorely lacking now. He would make people look to the US with something other than contempt. He is capable of doing something wonderful.

I hope Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination. I hope Barack Obama becomes the next president of the United States. I hope Barack Obama changes the world.