And so the world has another blog


Another day, another blog. Can I persuade you this is one blog worth reading? And do I have a reason to write publicly?

Courtesy Joel Dinda

Imagine going out onto the street now and stopping the first person you meet. Imagine asking them what change they’d most like to see in the world. Assuming they didn’t think you were a little odd and ignore you, what do you think they might ask for? Fewer wars? A more equal distribution of wealth? More honest politicians?

I think we can agree they wouldn’t demand another blog.

And yet this world is not a fair place. While the first three languish, we gain another blog. This is it.

Why write?

Writing allows us access to knowledge. We can share stories and experiences, record history, dream about the future, express our most powerful emotions. I want to write. I want to keep a record. I want to look back in years to come and read my raw thoughts.

So, why not keep a private diary? I’ve tried before and always failed. I lose interest or I find excuses not to write. And I find it embarrassing to write for myself — however much the stranger that is my older self would appreciate it.

I’m hoping that, if I write publicly, my ego might be tickled gently by people’s interest. That interest might keep me going. It might push me to write something other than navel-gazing rambles. Not that I can promise it will be engrossing, but if you’ve come this far that’s a start.

So here’s to something new. To the thoughts, rants, and discoveries that will make up the bulk of this blog. Here’s to the people that will make an appearance: to friends of old, to people I’ve yet to meet, and to family. Here’s to events yet to be made.

And if you haven’t enjoyed this, don’t worry: there were roughly another 120,000 blogs created today. So bugger off and read something else.