Time for a change

2004 was a bad year: I started it unemployed and stony broke, struggling to overcome the most painful experience I’d faced in my life. The first eight months saw me stuck in a rut, unsure of what my future held. Then late August brought me an experience more painful than that at the start of the year, something I hope I never to have to face again. It affected me so dramatically that I’ve left my home, my job, and my country in an attempt to come to terms with my life as it stands. Yep. It was rubbish.

But enough of this tale of misery: the next few months will be a time of fun and life-changing events — and I can’t wait! During February and March I will be living in St Louis, Missouri, in a bid to see some redneck action, and then April and May will find me travelling around South America like the bum that I am. And while I’m doing the things that I’m usually insanely jealous to hear other people doing I hope to find time to write a little about them right here. This is my travelogue: a recording of my journey from Edinburgh to St Louis, Lima, La Paz, Santiago, and many places in between. It will all end in the middle of May, back in Edinburgh.

Happy birthday to yah

If you’re not busy take a few seconds to wish my little sister a happy birthday: she’s twenty-three today. Happy birthday, Sarah!

  1. I thought this site was terrific, but then I spend a lot of time alone browsing the World wide web!

    I was a little surprised to find out that you are in America, because I’ve just spent the best part of a fortnight looking around for you in Edinburgh as suggested by your web page…thanks!

    Your article on firearms in the US has intrigued me, and I wonder whether I can send you a shopping list for automatic weapons and other interesting armaments. I have this real urge to purge the UK of all politicians as we are nearing election time and I’m sick of the sight of Mr Sincere. If you are unable to help me then I can perhaps take a trip to Aston where automatic weapons seem to be in abundance and the local police re intent on failing to regulate their ownership and use!

    Hope you enjoy your time in the US, and will let me know when you will be coming home as I will wait at the airport with eager anticipation…

    Yours a stranger…

    13 February 2005

  2. Somehow I think I may have seen you around one of our big cities…

    1 March 2005