You say potatoes, I say shoes

I have arrived, I am alive, and I have met Suzie. My bag, however, is still (hopefully) on its way here. It is certainly not with me. Lima is fun and hot. And that is all I have time for now.

PS. This keyboard has no apostrophe key.

  1. Hey Matt, it’s Alex here. (Yup, the weirdo =). Mike told me about you being a famous blogger right now, so I thought I’ll write some nice words here (not that I know you or that I care).

    I’d love to become an informatician extraordinaire as well, yet I guess it’s not too easy, is it?

    Take care! (And probably we meet somewhen soon, you’ll never know…)

    Ah, hey Brian? How are you doing?

    Anyways…see you guys.

    Alex Theweirdo
    7 April 2005

  2. Hi Alex,

    It’s great to here from you. You should send me an email (I always lose your address when Mike gives it to me). Try putting mjr in front of this domain to get to me. I hope you’re doing well over in Ol’ Germany.

    10 April 2005